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Dr. Desiree Thomas has high ideals and a vision for what exceptional veterinary care should look like, and Waterfront Animal Hospital was founded on those dreams. After working at another veterinary hospital after graduation and knowledge from being a technician during high school, she compiled all of the very best practices she has encountered in her plan for Waterfront Animal Hospital.


Waterfront Animal Hospital is a full-service clinic, able to provide care for sick pets as well as wellness and preventive care for pets at any stage of life. Our patients and clients are family and we are dedicated to providing them with the best care. As a small, privately owned practice, we make our pet care recommendations based on each pet’s needs and lifestyle.


Nestled in the Waterfront Market Place, our clinic is located off of Highway 22, on the Diversion Canal.


Enjoy a digital tour of Waterfront Animal Hospital. If you place your mouse over the images, a description of the image will appear!


Our Hospital

The story of our logo starts back when Dr. Thomas was in high school. Her high school boyfriend, Brian, was very artistic. He knew of her dream to one day own her own veterinary hospital. At that time he promised her that when she does, he wants to design her logo. Thus, the ground work for a beautiful logo was set. When Dr. Thomas set out to open Waterfront Animal Hospital, she came up with a couple of ideas. She knew that she wanted her beloved Doberman, Crash, and her crazy cat ,Carl, to always be a part of Waterfront Animal Hospital. Once she captured a photo of the "kids", she got in touch with Brian and pitched her ideas. A couple of weeks later and a few tweaks, Brian sent her the perfect logo.

The Story of Our Logo

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